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Introduction to Computer Networks
Some of us wonder, what is a computer network?
  • The computer network is a collection of computers, printers and other equipment that is connected in one unit.
  • Information and data moving through wires or wirelessly, allowing users to a computer network can exchange documents and data, print on the same printer and together using hardware / software that is connected to the network.
  • Each computer, printer or peripherals connected to a network is called a node. A computer network can have two, tens, thousands or even millions of nodes.
What is Benefits of Networking?
  • Resource Sharing, can use existing resources bersamasama.Misal a user who is 100 miles away from the data, do not have difficulty in using these data as if the data is located nearby. This often means that the computer networks act to distance.
  • High reliability, with our computer network will get high reliability by having alternative sources of supply. For example, all files can be saved or copied to two, three or in more computers connected to a network. So that if one machine is broken, then the copy on another machine that can be used.
  • Save money. Small in size computer has a price / performance ratio that is better than a large computer. Large computers such as mainframes have kecapatan roughly ten times the speed of a small computer / personal. Will remain, the price of mainframe thousand times more expensive than a personal computer. The imbalance of price / performance ratio and speed is what makes the system designer to build a system that consists of personal komputerkomputer.
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